The German School London uses a secure online service  for you to pay for school meals, trips, after school clubs and much more online. No cash or cheque payments are accepted, the school is a cash-free environment. Parents will receive a letter with information in order to set up a unique ParentPay account with the activation codes for each registered child. You can manage them all within your Parent Account by clicking the “add child” button. Please be assured that no card details are stored. Please find further information here and on

Cafeteria and more
In your account you will see the sub account “Cafeteria and other purchases at school”. These funds are to be used by the pupils themselves to pay for cafeteria, stationary, books and day trips. Please set up your ParentPay account to receive e- mail alerts when this account falls below £50. Remember to always have sufficient funds in this part of the account, if there is no money children can not have lunch in the cafeteria.

Alerts in your account
Within your Parent Pay Account you will also see new “alerts” or tickets with a red mark. This can be school clubs or additional offers for afternoon care, which are not obligatory. You will also see other tickets like class trips, and you will receive an e-mail when there is an obligatory ticket to pay.

Biometric Trust-e Cashless System 
The School works with a Biometric Trust-e Cashless System used by the children to tag in at the Cafeteria every time they have lunch and also for paying for stationary, books, and for daytrips at school. 

These payments will be deducted automatically from the balance of your ParentPay account. In order to register your children for the new Biometric Trust-e Cashless System, we require the consent of at least one parent by signing the authorisation slip included in the back of this brochure (alternatively on our website: Menu Admissions/Form Downloads) Please be assured that the system is secure and that all information remains within the school. The biometric information taken is only an encrypted algorithm that can not be interpreted back into a fingerprint.