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DSL Counselling team

The DSL Beratungsquadrat stands for the collaboration of a multi-professional team from school social work, school psychology, safeguarding and Specific Educational Needs (SEN). In line with our mission statement "living together, learning together, creating together, building bridges together", we support and guide pupils, parents and staff in many matters relating to living and learning at our school.

The counselling team, which also includes the learning support team at our school, works across departments in the nursery/preschool, primary school and secondary school.

We bring together different perspectives and expertise in order to develop the best possible, customised solutions. We often simply listen in peace and quiet or provide support in solving smaller issues independently. Causes for counselling can include

  • Special support needs / support for special talents

  • Support in various areas of learning

  • Strengthening social interaction

  • Stressful situations at school and in the family

  • jeopardising the well-being of pupils inside and outside school

We are there for our both our pupils and their families!