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In your DSL+ weeklies you will have noticed invitations to DSL+ talks, maybe you even attended one of these evenings which are organised by year 11 pupils.

A DSL+ talk will see competent experts holding brief talks on their special subjects. Generally the evenings start off with a short introduction of the respective speaker and their topic by the pupils in charge of the event. The talks are followed by a Q&A session and the opportunity to further discussions over some drinks and snacks.

Our pupils benefit from this opportunity to try out and improve their skills in event management. By independently organizing the evenings they take a go at, amongst many other tasks, contacting possible speakers, developing marketing strategies in order to attract attendees or organizing the technical equipment needed by the guest.

The audience get the chance to attend inspiring talks on topics they might not have been introduced to otherwise.

We are very pleased about the positive feedback we have received so far and look forward to the upcoming DSL+ talks!

click here for more information and pictures of the dsl+ talks