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Please note that due to the Pandemic and the fluid situation, not all of our pages and sections have been updated. For the latest and up-to-date-information please refer to the DSLWelcome section as communicated to our parents separately.

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“The German School London is an international, open-minded community that embraces diversity and the respectful exchange of ideas. We strive to empower our pupils, encouraging them to be self-reliant and to assume responsibility on a local level within an international context. We consider ourselves a learning organisation in which all members of the school community – pupils, parents and staff – work hand in hand to strive for excellence..”[1]


Our understanding of inclusion:


In its simplest form ‘inclusion’ is the state of being included.  At the Deutsche Schule London (DSL) that means we value all members of our community and giving equal access and opportunities to them.  We ensure everyone feels they belong, are supported and can reach his/her full potential.

The German School embraces diversity and promotes an inclusive culture.  The following information pack aims to answer questions you may have about our inclusion concept.  If you would like to discuss any aspect in more detail then please make an appointment to speak to a member of our Inclusion Team.


DSL Inclusion Team:

Inklusionsbeauftragte: Lena Stier (

SENCo: Katharina Milke  (


More information on the DSL’s approach to Inclusion can be found in our Accessibility Policy & Action Plan – which has been drawn up with the purpose:

  • To be sensitive to the needs of every child
  • To reduce barriers to learning in every area of school life
  • To ensure the curriculum is accessible to every student
  • To keep equality of opportunity enshrined in our practice
  • To develop a culture of inclusion with a positive attitude to differences, challenging negative perceptions
  • To have regard to the Department for Education’s guidance and the German Authorities’ guidance, as in force and amended from time to time.