German Federal Institutions

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Overseeing German Schools Abroad


The KMK (Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs) consists of the representatives of the 16 Bundesländer. It regulates school and university qualifications at a federal level. She also acknowledges the recognition of school degrees at German foreign schools. It issues the EPA (Uniform Examination Requirements) for the Maturity Examination, which is subject to all schools at home and abroad. It sends examiners from the Federal Republic of Germany, who take the matriculation examinations at the foreign schools.


ZfA: The ZfA (Central Office for Foreign Schools) regulates the sending of German teachers from the Federal Republic and the annual school subsidy for foreign students. The ZfA sends so-called Regional Officers as inspectors to the foreign schools of a region. It is a subdivision of the BVA (Bundesverwaltungsamt).