School Association

Douglas House Deutsche Schule London / German School London

The German School Association Limited is the responsible body for the DSL. It is a registered company and safeguarded by British company law.

The members are mainly parents of pupils. Nevertheless, the Articles of Association also allow people who do not have children at the school to become members. 


The Association’s business is carried out by the Board, whose members are chosen at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Board members carry out their duties on a voluntary basis. The Association currently comprises of eight members and operates through committees. The Board normally meets every six weeks, with certain meetings attended by representatives of the parents’ association, the school trustees, the Friends of Douglas House and the German Embassy.

The German School Association’s Board manages all the school’s financial, economic and legal business, pedagogic topics as well as internal and representative school matters, budgeting and personnel matters, the latter after consultation with the Head Teacher. All conceptual and structural issues related to the school are decided in close collaboration with the Head Teacher, taking into account the guidelines issued by the Central Agency for German Schools abroad and the Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs.

The Head Teacher is responsible for running the school and all teaching and educational matters as well as he has a shared responsibilty of representing the school externally.

Be an active part of our school community, attend meetings and discuss topics you wish to actively tackle. Foster this great school community, be an engaged member, make a change.

Become a Member of the School Association!

This entitles you to vote at the AGM and have a say in the composition of the Board. The membership fee is currently £25.





Committees Board Members External Members Staff Members

Felix von Schubert (Chair)

Andreas Daimer Matthias Krauss
Fulya Jones Christian Nitschke
Michael Zahn Paschal Trill
Estates Markus Nitsche (Chair)

Leslie Epking-Crane

Matthias Krauss
Christian Nitschke
Barbara Kessler
Katja Noch
Paul O'Brien
Personnel Colin Thomann (Chair) Anjali Greenwell Matthias Krauss
Christian Nitschke
Katja Noch
Jutta Hepworth
Barbara Kessler
Britta Corrigan
Communication Charlotte von der Goltz (Chair) Barbara Habbel Matthias Krauss
Christian Nitschke
Timmie Oldenkott Silke Müller
Governance Kai-Uwe Karl (Chair) Christopher Martin Matthias Krauss
Colin Thomann Christian Nitschke
Jan Peter Weiland (Chair of Board) Tim Greenwell Britta Boysen

The German School Association Limited is the responsible body for the DSL. It is a registered company and safeguarded by British company law.