Mission Statement

At the German School London...

Social Learning

... we value mutual respect. This furthers a pleasant environment, enhances academic success and boosts the spirit of the school community. Social awareness, responsibility and self-discipline are of particular importance.

Character Formation

... we, in cooperation with the parents, raise our pupils to become respectful, independent, and responsible individuals. In addition, we encourage students to be mindful of health, environmental and sustainability issues.

Academic Competencies

... pupils attain essential knowledge and subject-specific know-how to enable critical reflection on matters of value and significance. 

International Educational Offers

... we, in accordance with German and international educational standards, offer our pupils a broad and sophisticated range of subjects.

International Qualifications

... pupils acquire competences and the necessary expertise to earn national and international degrees.

Intercultural Contact

... we encourage intercultural exchange to facilitate tolerance, cosmopolitanism and independence.

Appreciation of Diversity

... pupils participate in a diverse and varied school life, where they are challenged according to their abilities and needs.