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How can you support us?


Become a member

The annual membership fee for the whole family is £20. This forms an important contribution towards the school and thereby towards your children! Please  download our membership form form or contact us directly!


Get involved 

We would particularly also like to welcome you as a volunteer helper at fairs and events, fulfilling a role of your choice! Please email us and we will get back in touch with you to discuss further details. This is in particular for new parents of the school a wonderful way to meet other parents!

We are also always on the look-out for sponsors of our events and the christmas fair raffle. Should you have contacts to companies, producing or distributing relevant items (eg, raffle prices, drinks, food or other) please get in touch.


Fundraising via Internet

Dear Parents and Friends of the German School London,

The " Friends of Douglas House" have finally found a wonderful way in which all the parents and pupils of the DSL can, with just a few clicks in the Internet, support us financially.

In England the idea of fundraising through the Internet is well known and popular. While you shop online a certain percentage, in some cases up to 15% would go to "Friends of Douglas House" and the great thing is that you won't incur any extra costs.

We need your help today, all you need to do is.....
Register on this website: 

Click on the cause ""Friends of Douglas House DSL"

Open your favourite Internet sites for example Amazon, eBay, Sainsbury's etc. viaeasyfundraising or givingabit and when purchasing up to 15% of the money you spend goes to "Friends of Douglas House".
When you shop nothing changes, just log in via easyfundraising, click on the shop you want and you will automatically be directed to their homepage

You can install a "remind me" button, which reminds you that you can also shop on this Internet site via easyfundraising. Installing that button, "Friends of Douglas House" will receive a small premium.

Please use this fantastic opportunity, it's an easy way to support our DSL pupils and of course spread the word to your relatives and friends!

If you have any questions please let us know. Yours,
Friends of Douglas House