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General Terms and Conditions
Our Fees and charges are reviewed regularly and are subject to increase from time to time. The parent contract and usual school policies apply.

Registration Fee
A registration fee of £500 is payable when the application form is submitted. The application can only be processed after receipt of the registration fee.

Deposit/Development Fund Payment
On acceptance of a place at school, a payment of £4,250 is due promptly for every new pupil. This consists of an acceptance deposit of £3,000 and a non-refundable £1,250 contribution to the School Development Fund. This Fund contributes to the maintenance and development of the school, including renovation and building projects and investment into IT infrastructure. If the deposit and development fund contribution are not paid within the stipulated period, the place at the school is forfeited and the German School may offer the place to somebody else.

School Fees
School fees are set by the German School Association’s Board of Governors for the period of one school year. School fees for all year groups from Kindergarten to year 12 for the year 2022/23 amount to £9,140 for the full school year, payable in two installments of £4,570 each for the Winter Semester (15th August) and for the Summer Semester (15th January). 
A place at the school is only guaranteed after the fees have been paid. Families whose child has attended the school for more than five full academic years, receive currently a reduction of 15% in school fees for that child. If eligible, this is being applied automatically for the year following the completion of five full academic years.

In cases of financial hardship, there is a possibility to apply for a reduction in school fees. Substantiated and documented applications should be addressed to the German School Association. Application forms are available on our website. Applications can only be processed after the pupil has been offered a place at the school and the place has been accepted. Applications are only processed once a year and must be submitted by 01st June for a reduction for the next school year. All applications are treated in strict confidence.

Other Fees and contributions
The Swiss Parents’ Association charges an additional amount of £390 to Swiss Parents for the provision of a Swiss Teacher. This is payable to the German School. All parents are invited to become members of The German School Association. Membership fee is £25 per annum per person.

Ancillary Services and Extracurricular Activities
Afternoon programme for Kindergarten and Pre-School, extended school days, AGs and other extracurricular offers and ancillary services, such as books, excursions, cafeteria, school bus, etc., are being offered and will be charged separately. As a rule, where activities/services are quoted and booked per school- or half-year, those services can not be cancelled. Exceptional cases may apply and you’ll find more details on the respective registration forms. The usual policies apply and students may be excluded from the activity in case of misconduct and non-compliance of rules and instructions. In such cases refunds will not be made. Ancillary services and extracurricular activities are exempt from any discounts.

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