Parentpay/Cashless Payment

Parent Pay: The German School is a cash free environment, which helps us to protect children, meaning that no cash or cheques are accepted for payments. Parent Pay is used as a secure online service to pay for afternoon clubs, day trips, rehearsals, workshops, etc., and you can manage the accounts of all your children in one Parent Account. If you have an outstanding payment, you will receive an advising email either from the class teacher or the School´s administration and you will see them as red tickets in your Parent Pay child´s account. If the payment is optional, the tickets will disappear after a few days from your account.


Biometrics/ Cashless System  In order to pay for daily purchases in school, we use a secure Cashless System that enables children to pay by themselves for books and stationery in the Library, and for lunch in the Cafeteria, either with Biometrics (placing their thumb on a reader) or with a code. These payments will be deducted automatically from the balance of your Parent pay account. If the account has not enough money the service could be rejected, therefore we encourage you to have a frequent look at your children´s account within the “Dinner Money  Balance” and is called “Purchases and Cafeteria  in the German School”, and set your Parent Pay account up to receive an alert when the balance drops. You can also always see daily in your account what children have paid in School.


In order to register your children for the Biometric Trust-e Cashless System, we require the consent of at least one parent by signing the authorisation slip on our website (click). Please be assured that the system is secure and that all information remains within the school. The biometric information taken is only an encrypted algorithm that can´t be interpreted back into a fingerprint.


The school will refund any positive balance in the account when children leave the school, but only if there is no outstanding issue with the school. If you paid for the wrong item, or need to refund money for any other reason please fill the refund request Form (click).