Parentpay/Cashless Payment

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The German School is a cash-free environment and as such, no cash or cheques are accepted for payments. ParentPay is used as a secure online service to pay for afternoon clubs, day trips, rehearsals, workshops etc. You can manage the accounts of all your children in one ParentPay Account. The accounts of all children have two sections: meals and other items. The ‘meals’ section requires a credit balance to cover biometric purchases (please see below). The ‘other items’ section will list all tickets available for purchase. Teachers will inform you if a ticket has been set up and this then shows as a red ticket in your child´s account. Available tickets may include tickets which are optional (e.g. AGs). Those tickets will only be available for a limited time and automatically disappear after the registration process has been completed.


Biometrics/ Cashless System

In order to pay for daily purchases in school (cafeteria, books and stationery), a secure cashless system is used which enables children to pay; either by placing their thumb on a reader (Biometrics) or using a code. These payments will be deducted automatically from the balance of your children´s ParentPay account. If there is not enough money in the account the service may be rejected. Consequently it is vital to check your children´s account frequently under “Dinner Money Balance”, and we strongly advise you to set up a balance alert in your ParentPay account and to activate the auto top-up function in your account.

In order to register your children for the Biometric Trust-e cashless system we require the consent of at least one parent who must sign the authorisation slip on our website (click)

The school will refund any positive balance in the account when children leave the school. Please note that the school is unable to transfer any balances between siblings. For further information or how to set up a low balance alert please refer to our FAQ section on the school’s website.