Advice & Support

The “DSL Beratungsquadrat” consists of a multi-professional team covering safeguarding, school psychology,
social education and specific educational needs (SEN).

Being true to our motto “live together, learn together, shape together, build bridges together”, we support and
accompany pupils, parents and employees in many questions around living and learning at our school.

The “Beratungsquadrat”, which also includes the learning support team, works across departments in kindergarten and preschool as well as in primary and secondary school.

We combine different perspectives and expertise in order to develop the best possible and tailor-made approach and solutions.

Areas for advice include:
  • Special needs/promoting special talents
  • Support in different areas of learning
  • Consolidating social interaction
  • Stressful situations at school and at home
  • When the wellbeing of pupils inside or outside school is endangered
You can find more information below or just send us an email: