We are glad you have found us. As our name indicates, it is important to us that you perceive the support at school as specific support.

What does the SEN team stand for?

We work with many different children. All these pupils should have the same right, namely the right to learn. Our work is necessary in many places to achieve this.

How do we work?

We focus on recognising your child’s potential and helping them develop within the context of teachers, SEN, pupils and parents. This relates to pupils with various difficulties (e.g. learning difficulties, or weaknesses in certain areas; those who struggle with organising themselves, concentrating, paying attention and specific behaviour or emotional/social experiences) as well as children who need to be challenged cognitively (e.g. highly talented).

Professionals assess your child’s needs and review resources in order to implement them effectively in consultation with the teachers and your help. We advise you on support at our school, further extra-curricular possibilities, or with regard to a suitable location for support.

We set up support plans for pupils from Kindergarten to Year 12 which are implemented in close cooperation with their teachers. We develop ideas, means and materials together to support and challenge pupils.

What is important to us?

The attitude of everyone within the school community is crucial to recognising diversity. We look forward to sharing this idea with you.


How can you contact us?

KIGA, Primary School, Year 5: Lena Stier (

Years 6-12: Katharina Milke (

Consultation by appointment

Support with reading and spelling