Social Education Worker

Sascha Höhne, Qualified Social Education Worker

As school social-pedagogue in general I promote social learning and my main objective is to help pupils from all year groups in social- and personality development. I offer confidential consultations for teachers, parents and pupils. They can talk to me if they are worried or upset about something. In classes, I can support individuals and in small groups can work on conflict management or any other pupils’ relevant specific areas. 

As part of “Ganztag” I am available as Pedagogue for the whole team and also at disposal for bullying cases where I lead immediate actions and offer required assistance.

Open drop-in sessions for pupils: 
Primary School: Every Tuesday during first break, Gruppenraum Ganztag 
Secondary School: Every Tuesday during lunch break (1:40 – 2:10 pm) Room Art 2

Consultation Service for Parents: Every Monday, period 2. Appointments on request via e-mail