Extended School Day

DSL is offering an extended school day for year 1-7 including:

Pupils with no afternoon lessons are encouraged to take advantage of this scheme by arranging their individual timetable accordingly. 

Pupils can choose the weekdays they wish to register for the extended school day. After registering, these days are binding for pupils of the Primary School. Pupils attending Secondary School can be de-registered by their parents or guardians at short notice (until 12:00 pm) by means of a brief email to ganztag5-7@dslondon.org.uk. De-registering for Primary School pupils requires filling out a form (see Admissions/ Form Downloads).


Primary School pupils register with the team supervising the extended school day, receive their extended school day vest and proceed to the cafeteria. At 1:30 pm the homework clubs start in the respective class rooms. The extended school day ends at 3:45 pm which is when the pupils go to the bus bays or the bike stands.

Secondary School pupils make their way to the cafeteria after the 6th period and go outside afterwards. At 2:10 pm they register in the library. They leave the school on their own after completing their activities.

Lessons (including DaZ, English tuition) have priority over AG bookings.

Questions regarding the organisation and schedule of the extended school day should be sent to Angela Richter: Angela.Richter@dslondon.org.uk.

The AG contents, contacts and prices can be found in the locked section of our website.