Extended School Day

The DSL offers an open Ganztag (extended school day) for Years 1-7, which includes:

  • Cafeteria and lunchtime supervision
  • Lernzeit (study time) in fixed groups (Years 1-7)
  • AGs/free play in fixed groups (free play Years 1-4)
  • Private music tuition (arranged privately)

Pupils who do not have afternoon lessons can select from the options to set up their individual programme. AGs are booked and paid for at the start of the school year/half-year via ParentPay tickets.

Registration is binding for a half-year for the selected days.

Registration for the second half-year of 2020/21 has not yet taken place due to the pandemic. Please check the Weekly for updates.

In the Seconday School pupils stay at school during lunchtime. Pupils can only be deregistered through the class teacher.

After registering for AGs/free play participation is mandatory.

Please note that lunch must be ordered separately (claudia.infante-richter@dslondon.org.uk)

Deregistering for individual days is only possible in exceptional circumstances for justifiable reasons, e.g. doctor’s appointment, please send an email to:

Secondary School:
For Lernzeit please inform the teacher directly (Lernzeit is treated as a normal lesson due to the organisational structure).



Primary School pupils who are registered for the Ganztag (with AG or with free play) are automatically enrolled for lunchtime and Lernzeit. After Lernzeit they go directly to their AG or free play group. Ganztag ends at 3:25pm.

Secondary School pupils go to the Cafeteria according to their timetable and then outside. Lernzeit and AGs start at 2:25pm. Ganztag ends at 3:55pm.


End of school:

After the end of school pupils go to the bus bay or the bike stands and leave the school grounds.

Primary School pupils who have to wait for the school bus are supervised in a group until the buses leave.


Please note: lessons and support lessons take priority over AGs.

The Weekly publishes information on registration and the AG programme at the start of the school year/half-year.

If you have any questions about how the Ganztag works please contact Angela Richter Angela.Richter@dslondon.org.uk

There is more information in our FAQs (click here)

AG - Plans 2021:

GS AG Plan


More information about our extended school day offers can be found in our Ganztags-brochure, which you can find in the locked section of our website. (click)