All children require:

  1. A small healthy snack with a drink (no chocolate, biscuits, Nutella sandwiches, crisps, etc.).
  2. Plimsolls both shoes need to be named.
  3. Sun hat (during summer months).
  4. A photo for their birthday calendar.
  5. Rubber boots, both named.
  6. Waterproof trousers.
  7. Children who cannot tie their own shoe laces are asked to come in shoes with Velcro.
  8. Children should wear clothing which they can manage on their own; in order to manage toileting independently, they should be            able to dress and undress themselves (no belts, difficult buttons).


Pre-School children also require:

  1. An A-4 plastic folder for their mail/letters.
  2. A backpack or bag large enough to carry an A4 book.
  3. Workbook „Das große Vorschulbuch (Duden)“  available through