Library/Learning Resources Centre (LRC)

spacious learning area in the Library

The new Learning Resources Centre, which opened in autumn 2021, is located in the main building. In addition to reading for pleasure and subject library collections, this generously sized room offers a variety of other possibilities that support the learning of our students and enrich school life.

Silent areas are offered as well as space for group work, reading corners for relaxation, flexible tables and the possibility of evening events.

The collections, which are stocked in cooperation with the departments, offer supplementary material to textbooks and other learning materials. Here, students learn to carry out independent research. Many subject teachers integrate visits to the Library into their lessons. 

Thanks to easily moveable work tables, collaborative work is possible in smaller and larger groups as required.

There are 8 PC workstations and of course the Ipads the school provides all pupils from grade 9 onwards with, can also be used here.

Library stock can be searched using descriptors such as titles or keywords via the online feature. The loan period is two weeks and can be extended in person or online,

In addition to offering presentations on academic honesty, as well as research workshops and reading activities, the learning centre supports the organisation of author events and book exhibitions. The library team is also always happy about purchase proposals for new books and media.

Core opening hours: 8am – 5.30pm

Grades 5 – 7: Library visits as part of the plus groups at set times

Grades 8 – 9: from 1.40 pm without restriction, before that outside of breaks with teacher permission

Class 10: unrestricted outside of break times

From class 11: unrestricted

Participants of the pilot project in years 9 and 10: priority access during the project phase

Library team: Christina Gruber, Silke Mueller,,

020 89391812