The Primary School takes pupils in Years 1 to 4. We talk at length with both parents and children before admission.

Admission criteria

Knowledge of German is a requirement for admission to the Primary School at the DSL. Parents must actively support use of German.

The following children will then have priority:

  • Children from Germany, who need continuity in order to return to the German system
  • Children with siblings
  • Date of receipt of application


For children who have reached the age of six by 30 September (i.e. one month after the start of the school year) school attendance at the German School is compulsory.


Ascertainment of skills

All Year 1 children take an individual computerised test called “FIPS” (performance indicators for Primary School) test just before the start of the new school year with their future class teacher. In this way we can personally ascertain the level of each individual child, who thus has a chance to meet his or her new class teacher. This enables us to meet the children’s individual needs.