Educational approach

Educational approach to “language” in the Primary School

Children go on to Primary School from Pre-School; parents of children in Pre-School submit an internal application to the Primary School in November.

During the registration process we point out that all subjects in the Primary School are taught in German. The school’s syllabus for German, Maths, Social Studies and Sciences, Art, Music, PE and RE are based on the Baden-Württemberg curricula.

Focus on the German language in Years 1 and 2 is fundamental. Literacy is a linear process and children learn to assign sounds and graphemes clearly in one language. The concept of “German for starting school” is introduced at Pre-School and continued in Year 1. It supports pupils by focusing on learning genders and sentence structure.

From Year 2 children receive IFD (integrative German support) during four of six German lessons. IFD is done flexibly either in class or in separate groups.

The English syllabus is based partly on the English national curriculum. Years 1 and 2 have three English lessons per week; Years 3 and 4 have four lessons. Pupils learn in mixed ability groups; only the beginners in each year are taught in a separate group.

In the afternoons children can use and consolidate the language skills they have acquired during the many AGs and afternoon clubs.

During breaks and free play children are free to choose the language they speak.