Religious Studies

In our Primary School children are taught Religious Studies together, regardless of their faith. Religious Studies lessons are about Christianity, and the emphasis is on the common ground between protestant and catholic beliefs, although differences are mentioned and explained. Other faiths are explored in Year 3 or 4.

Religious Studies lessons aim to encourage and stimulate the following skills:

  • the ability to pose existential questions and search for answers in Christianity
  • the children’s ability to express themselves in different ways (musically, aesthetically, creatively, verbally)
  • the ability to interpret symbolic/ religious language
  • the willingness to undertake and carry out tasks such as preparing our prayer time
  • active participation in class: during the lesson; in small groups; or working in pairs
  • the presentation and care taken when creating work (folder, posters, Bible booklet)

The pupils’ religious beliefs, religious life and religious customs do not form part of their performance evaluation.