School Transitions

Pre-School to Primary School

In order to give the children a smooth start into elementary school, there is an intensive cooperation between preschool and elementary school

This consists of:

  • regular exchange
  • an information evening in autumn
  • offering a taster day for preschool children in elementary school
  • in a visit of Primary school teachers in the preschool
  • in a visit of preschool teachers in Primary School
  • in the advice on class formation


Year 4 to Year 5 (orientation stage)

  • At the end of Year 4 our pupils go to Year 5, the orientation stage. Teachers of both year groups work closely together to make the transition as smooth as possible.
  • Pupils attend classes in the other year group and the secondary school teachers ascertain what level Year 4 pupils have reached and how they learn, in order to meet their needs as closely as possible.
  • In the second semester we prepare pupils for their next step by letting them attend classes in the other year group and giving them questionnaires.
  • There is a parents' evening in the second semester (arranged by the Coordinator for Years 5 to 7) to inform parents about the next stages and to answer any questions.
  • An information sheet is given at the start of Year 5 to complete the preparation process.
  • You can find more information about school transitions on the Secondary School pages.