Years 10, 11 & 12

Since the academic year 2008-2009, the upper years of the Secondary School have been Years 10, 11 and 12. Years 11 and 12 form the qualification stage, which is concluded with the leaving examination. This qualification enables students to go on to German and British universities.

Admission is open to the following:

Gymnasium pupils with a report at the end of Year 10 which allows them to move up a year will be admitted to Year 11.

Realschule pupils who receive permission at the end of Year 10 to switch to the Gymnasium. This comment must be explicit on the report of the school where the pupil is coming from. In general this may be taken as a given when the average mark in German, foreign languages, maths and a science is 2.5. However, the pupil must repeat Year 10 as a Gymnasium year.

Pupils with a different schooling, which is recognised by the KMK (Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs) as a qualification for switching to the upper years of the Gymnasium can be admitted to Year 11.

Pupils from German schools with 13 consecutive years are admitted to Year 10 or 11 for a three-month probation period, after which the DSL decides whether the pupil should remain in that Year or be admitted to a lower Year.

Generally pupils cannot be admitted to Year 12.  Special exceptions require a written application to the KMK. The current Upper Secondary School regulations apply.