Studies & Job Counselling

Students must be enabled to take their own considered and independent decisions about careers and further studies. They are only able to do this if they can visualise their future life in a concrete way, are aware of their strengths, weaknesses and capabilities, are informed about career and further study opportunities and have work experience.


Year 9

In Year 9 academic and career counselling is linked to the politics course. With the aid of special self-exploration programmes students have the opportunity to discover their own areas of interest, strengths and any corresponding vocations. They can start to gather ideas with regard to their possible future career or consolidate definite or vague ideas using these special programmes and databases. In Years 9 and 10 students learn to draw up a CV and write an application letter during English and German lessons to prepare for applying for internships. 

This is already the time for parents and students to start thinking about future study directions. For those who consider UK universities as a possible option the UK Universities Admission Service (UCAS) has produced a useful web-based information source. Log in to the UCAS page here via this link to access all the important information you need about higher education and the UCAS admissions process. 


Year 10

A mandatory one or two-week internship is implemented in Year 10. This gives students the opportunity to gain work experience in their chosen career, as well as gain an insight into daily working life; internships throughout Europe open up further interesting perspectives. Students keep and process their impressions in an internship folder, which is reviewed and marked in German lessons. In addition to gaining expertise and learning about a specific job profile, the students’ independent choice of vocation and application are paramount, as this promotes individual responsibility and autonomy. Students receive a certificate for successful participation and it is also noted in their report. Mr Sixel is responsible for organising and monitoring internships.


Up to Years 11 and 12

Every year the DSL invites a careers counsellor from the German Federal Employment Agency, who holds two information events. The first is a general introduction to career choice for Years 9 and 10, the second is career counselling for Years 11 and 12. In the course of gaining free expert advice, students have the opportunity to individually find out about different careers and further study.

Furthermore, the DSL has a partnership agreement with the leading technical universities in Germany: RWTH Aachen, TU Berlin, TU Braunschweig, TU Darmstadt, TU Dresden, Leibniz Universität Hannover, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, TU München, Universität Stuttgart. These universities are all part of the “excellence initiative” in Germany. Mr Wingate is the contact person for students interested in studying at a British university.
The impressive list of universities where DSL graduates go on to study bears witness to the successful endeavours of the school to be international.

University in Oxford

  • Exeter College

  • St. Catherine´s College

  • Brasenose College 

University in Cambridge

  • Girton College

Universities in London

  • Royal Holloway

  • Queen Mary College

  • King’s College

  • Imperial College

  • University College London

  • Art College London

  • UAL University of the Arts London

  • Hult Business School London

  • St. Andrews

University of Aberdeen
University of Durham
University of Kent
University of Southampton
University of Manchester
University of Nottingham
Brunel University

Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris
Cours Florent, Schauspielschule Paris

Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe
Technische Universität München
Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
Humboldt-Universität Berlin
Freie Universität Berlin
Technische Hochschule Aachen
Universität Hamburg
Universität Göttingen

Universität Potsdamm
Göttingen, Georg August Universität

Universität Wien

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne

University of Amsterdam
Leiden University College, The Hague
University of Maastricht

Semmelweis Universität Budapest

University of Toronto, Victoria College
University of British Columbia, Canada

Bocconi Mailand
University Pavia Mailand


DSL alumni generously keep in touch with the school, not least to pass on their good experience as “German” school leavers at English universities to pupils and parents at the DSL, thus supplementing the school’s academic and career counselling with first-hand knowledge. 

The LRC (Learning Resources Centre) at the DSL offers information about further education in Germany and other countries, which can also be found on our website.