Abitur & IB Diploma Offers

IB Diploma Programme 

  • The IB Diploma Programme offers six subjects from six academic areas. 
  • Three subjects at higher level (HL); three at standard level (SL).
  • A candidate may enrol in a second Language A instead of a Language B.
  • Mathematics is compulsory.
  • A student can choose to study a group 6 subject or an additional subject from groups 1 – 5


Currently available subjects

Group 1:

Language A: Literature

German HL and SL

English HL and SL

Group 2:

Language B

French HL/SL or

Spanish HL/SL

Group 3:

Individuals & Societies

History HL/SL

Geography HL/SL or

Economics HL/SL

Psychology SL 

Group 4:

Experimental sciences

Biology HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Group 5:


Mathematics SL

Group 6:

The Arts

Visual Arts SL

Music SL

Theory of Knowledge  

Creativity, Activity, Service



Introduction of IB Course Candidates

Category “course” applies to candidates enrolled in individual courses and not entering the full IB diploma programme.  Furthermore, students who choose not to complete IB diploma requirements can be registered as Course Candidates and receive credit for already completed work in single courses.

In general, course candidates can be registered and assessed for core elements such as Extended Essay (EE) and/or Theory of Knowledge (TOK).  Course candidates can also pursue Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) requirements of the diploma programme and have this requirement shown on their course results if the CAS programme is completed.

Course candidates must complete their courses; deregistration will be noted on the student’s report card.


At the German School London, course candidates may choose

  • two or more courses
  • one, two or all three of the core elements

Important Documents for IB