IB Diploma

IB Diploma Programme 

  • The IB Diploma Programme offers six subjects from six academic areas. 
  • Three subjects at higher level (HL); three at standard level (SL).
  • A candidate may enrol in a second Language A instead of a Language B.
  • Mathematics is compulsory.
  • A student can choose to study a group 6 subject or an additional subject from groups 1 – 5


Currently available subjects

Group 1:

Language A: Literature

German HL and SL

English HL and SL

Group 2:

Language B

French HL/SL or

Spanish HL/SL

Group 3:

Individuals & Societies

History HL/SL

Geography HL/SL or

Economics HL/SL

Psychology SL 

Group 4:

Experimental sciences

Biology HL/SL

Chemistry HL/SL

Group 5:


Mathematics SL

Group 6:

The Arts

Visual Arts SL

Music SL

Theory of Knowledge  

Creativity, Activity, Service