• Pupils’ written work (in all subjects except P.E.) and other oral and written academic achievements (such as homework, tests, presentations, qualified oral participation in lessons, etc.) are subject to performance assessment.
  • The regulations on promotion prescribe yearly marks, duly taking into account how academic achievement has evolved in the second semester (see regulations on promotion 2.2); the marks in the report should not be calculated schematically.
  • Realschule pupils write the same number of tests and class tests as Gymnasium pupils. Individual departments agree whether Realschule pupils should receive the same assignments, but be marked differently, or the same assignments, but with some variations, or different assignments altogether.
  • The same applies to Hauptschule pupils. They do the same number of tests and class tests as Gymnasium and Realschule pupils, but the contents may vary. All groups have combined lessons, but teaching is differentiated within the lesson.
  • Hauptschule pupils finish school at the end of Year 9, Realschule pupils finish school at the end of Year 10. The examination regulations for the completion of secondary school (Hauptschulabschluss and Realschulabschluss) at German Schools Abroad apply. The rules date from 12 September 2007 (cf. V.4.1.1 + V.4.1.2).


You can download the PDF to find detailed information on performance assessment.



Evaluation of Orthography

Orthography and punctuation, especially but not exclusively in German as a subject, are part of the evaluation of writing skills. What the evaluation is based on can be seen in the document below.