Foreign Languages

1. First foreign language: English

English is the first foreign language taught at the DSL. It is already taught at the Primary School from Year 1. Pupils who do not yet meet the standards required for this subject have one extra lesson per week with the English teacher to bring them up to the level of the rest of the class. These extra lessons are also offered from Years 5 to 11. Any further needs must be met privately. Pupils with mother-tongue English are grouped accordingly, e.g. English-orientated classes and receive extra lessons in German as a second language, if necessary.

2. Second foreign language: French or Latin

In Year 6 a second foreign language is introduced and pupils may choose French or Latin. If pupils obtain adequate marks, they receive a Latin qualification at the end of Year 10. Generally it is not possible to continue with Latin after this, due to an insufficient number of pupils. If a student wants to take two foreign languages to leaving exam level and has chosen Latin as second foreign language, then the student should take Spanish from Year 8 and carry on with this language in Years 11 and 12. Alternatively, students can choose three science subjects from Year 10. French can be taken as a second foreign language up to the leaving exam and chosen as an Abitur subject.

3. Third foreign language: Spanish

The DSL offers all strong Gymnasium pupils the possibility of taking Spanish as a third foreign language from Years 8 to 10. In Years 11 and 12 Spanish may be taken as fourth Abitur subject.


Staff will make special provisions for pupils who come to the DSL with a different sequence of foreign languages. Staff will refer to the DSL Handbook for basic information under the different language sequences section.