Lunch Menu

Lunch menu - week commencing: 27th of June
Moroccan style soup with chick peas Carrot and orange soup Freshly baked bread Leek and potato soup Freshly baked bread Minestrone soupFreshly baked bread Pea and mint soup
Mildly spiced beef chilii with tortilla chips salsa and sour cream Roast chicken thighs with homemade stuffing and gravy Carbonara style sauce chicken with a sweet and sour sauce Plain chicken for primary sauce on side Pizza bagels (milk gluten)
Vegetable enchiladas Leek and mushroom quiche Sweetcorn and courgette fritters Jackfruit chilli Zucchini and egg rice pie
Steamed rice Herb roasted baby potatoesGreen veg medley Penne pasta with steamed carrots, garlic bread and green beans Egg noodles Roasted peppers and mange tout Hand cut chips Baked beans
Secondary school onlyAnd staff light option Potato or pasta bar Potato & Pasta Bar Potato & Pasta Bar Potato or Pasta bar Jacket potatoes and baked beans
Watermelon and pineapple pots Yoghurt Whole fruit Oat and seed flapjack Yoghurt potsFruit Pots Raspberry jelly (veggie)Yoghurt potsFruit Pots Marshmallow biscuits Jelly pots Yoghurt potsFruit Pots Assorted dessertsYoghurt potsFruit Pots