The Art Of Masks

The Art Of Masks

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, many items have become part of our daily lives like never before. We all have to remember a mask and hand sanitiser every time we leave the house now. We require every pupil from year 3 onwards (year 1 and 2 pupils will also have to use face coverings in the designated areas) and all staff members and other adults to wear nose and mouth coverings in all corridors, communal areas and other public or shared indoor spaces of the school away from their own desk so we wanted to create some bespoke Deutsche Schule London masks for our staff and students.


We thought a lot about what design we should have printed on our masks, we wanted something that reflected the school. So we decided that the best people to help us choose were our extremely creative students. We created a whole-school competition and invited all of our students to submit their own designs for a mask. The three winners will see their mask design printed.


The students were allowed to use all forms of art creation, including pens, pencils, paint or technology to create their design. We wanted the students to use bright colours, but their designs had to be quite simplistic to ensure that would translate well into a printable design. The students were also encouraged to make sure that the wearer would be identified as a student or staff member from DSL.


We were so pleased to receive so many creative ideas and we’d like to say a big thank you to all of our students who took part in the competition. It was very difficult for us to decide which designs to honor and we didn't always agree immediately. But, now it’s time to reveal our winners.




Our mask print winner from Grades 1-4, was Charlotte (2b) design. It featured a very colourful rainbow, the German and English flags and Big Ben. We have seen so many rainbows as a sign of hope and support during the COVID-19 pandemic so it was fitting that one of our winners should feature a rainbow.

DSL mask competition winners - blurred

Our Grades 5-7 mask print was Greta (7a). We loved the simplicity of our logo on a background of repeated DSLs, the design fit our brief to clearly identify DSL perfectly. Our Grades 8-12 winner was Allegra. We are very excited to see all of their designs come to life.

DSL mask competition winners 2 - blurred


We also awarded Finn (1c) and Nicola (3a) book tokens for their wonderful efforts. We loved Finn’s T-Rex and Nicola’s abstract design with the iconic London landmarks from our logo was brilliant. Leanne (5a), Elektra (8a) and Erik (11b) also received book tokens.


We are so inspired by the creativity of our students every day and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next. Once again, thank you and well done to all of our students who took part in our mask competition. We’ll let you know when the masks are ready - watch this space!