Educational Profile

The German School London (DSL) is one of the 140 German Schools Abroad authorized by the Kultusministerkonferenz (Standing Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs) and supported by the ZfA – Zentrale für Auslandsschulwesen). 

It offers a successive course of education from the Kindergarten with Pre-School, a four-year Primary School and a Secondary School. After Year 10 exams the students are awarded the "Mittlere Schulabschluss" and after two further years they can achieve the "German Abitur" (from 2019 to the “German International Abitur”) or, alternatively, the International Baccalaureate in a double qualification together with the German Abitur (Year 12).

Since 2016, the DSL has been pursuing specific integrational objectives. Barriers have been identified and removed in order to enable pupils with special learning requirements so that they can receive equal access to education. The INCLUSION Department is in charge of planning and coordinating all activities for students with special educational needs.

In 2018, the DSL revised its mission statement. It has been jointly developed by the school community and defines our pedagogical self-understanding, the objectives and values ​​underlying our actions. These objectives are also aligned with the fundamental values ​​of the foreign cultural and educational policy. You can find it on our website by clicking here.

n action plan for the short- and medium-term management of the school development process has been developed in 2017. It identifies the three current priorities for school development and is planned for a further 2 years.

Development priorities as outlined in the Action Plan. Please click the image for further information.



In addition, structural innovation was launched in six areas.