Student using a scale

What is “Känguru der Mathematik”?

  • A multiple choice maths competition for over six million entrants in more than fifty countries 
  • A competition which takes place once a year on the third Thursday in March in all participant countries at the same time and is taken as a voluntary exam competition under exam conditions at schools
  • An event which aims to support maths education at school and help children enjoy solving maths problems, by offering interesting tasks which stimulate independent study
  • A competition which lasts 75 minutes, during which Years 3-6 are expected to solve 24 problems and Years 7-12 are expected to solve 30 problems
  • A competition with a steadily rising number of participants: from 184 in 1995 to 852,000 in 2015 in Germany.

You can find more information on the official website by clicking on the logo.