Music: "Jugend Musiziert" (youth making music)

Student playing the trumpet

This year the competition produced the following results for us:

1st Place with transfer to the state competition

  • Shlomo Levy, auswärtig (Violine Solo)
  • Isabella Giagounidis, auswärtig (Violine Solo):
  • Marcel Wheatley, auswärtig (Perkussion Solo):
  • Pedro M. Sotelo-Romero, Timon Stähler, Frederick Pietschmann, auswärtig (Klavier Kammermusik)
  • Sophie Kauer, auswärtig (Cello Solo)
  • Amber Emson, auswärtig (Violine Solo)
  • Paula Hoss 10c (Sologesang Pop)
  • Constantin Gerber 10b, Emilia Derbuch-Markovic 10b, Leon Schwartz-Croft 9c, Selim Häussermann 10b (Instrumentalsolo Pop)


2nd Place

  • Virginia Ceccatelli 9a (Sologesang Pop)
  • Martina Casas Infante 9a (Sologesang Pop)
  • Annemarie Funke, auswärtig (Sologesang Pop)
  • Frederick von Schubert, 6d (Cello Solo)
  • Emily Hoyer, 7b (Cello Solo)
  • Benedict von Schubert, 8c (Violine Solo)

Congratulations to everybody for the great results!

The Jumu-Team (Evelyn Meyer, Chairwoman)

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In the past


2018: On the 16th of January these students won the 1st Place with a transfer to the state competition: Leon Schwartz-Croft (E-Gitar Pop) 8c, with band: Constantin Gerber (Piano) 9a, Selim Häussermann (Drums) 9c and Paula Hoss (Gesang) 10b, Sofia Caironi 5a and Kenzo Sibbe-Sato 6c (piano), Eleanor Voak (extern) recorder Solo.

2017: Paula Hoss (Vocal), Annemarie Funke (Vocal)and Léon Schwartz-Croft (Guitar) were arwarded the 1st prize and a transfer to Brussels.
There they were all awarded the 1st Prize.

2016: On 16 January 2016 Timon Stähler (Piano), Ruben Emson (Trumpet) and Paula Hoss (Vocal, accompanied by Léon Schwartz-Croft with the guitar and Konstantin Gerber on the piano) were awarded the 1st prize and a transfer to Helsinki.

2015: On 17 January 2015 Sarah Eilers (Trumpet solo), Juliane Weigand (Vocal Musical), Amber Emson and Timone Stähler (Duo Violin-Piano) and Ruben Emson (Trumpet solo) were awarded the 1st prize and a transfer to Paris.

2014: On 18 Januar 2014 Juliane Deil (piano solo), Maximilan Deil (drums pop), Carlos Cremer (vocals pop), Maria Cremer (vocals pop), Amber Emson and Sophie Kauer (strings ensemble), Timon Stähler (piano solo) were awarded the first prize and a transfer to Kopenhagen.

2013: On 17 January Amber Emson (violin solo), Ayla Sahin (violin solo), Anne Yin Han (violin solo), Sophie Schnurr (violin solo), Dilara Sahin (Violoncello solo), Rufus Lawrence (Violoncello solo), Robert Wheatley (violoncello solo), Louisa Kaltenbach (violoncello solo), Konrad und Alwin Bucher (duett piano and bugle) were awarded the first prize and a transfer to Moskau.


More information about the competition as well as an online regsitration form can be found on:


General information

"Jugend musiziert" is a competition for young people making music by playing instruments and/or singing and celebrated its 51st anniversary in 2014.

Under the patronage of the Federal President, Germany’s most important music competition motivates thousands of young musicians to perform every year. Apart from the competition itself, the event is an opportunity for enthusiastic young musicians to meet and rise to the challenge of demonstrating their artistic talent in front of a distinguished jury of experts.

At the German School London there is a history of close cooperation between music teachers from within and outside the school, so that there are several music concerts per year and an above-average number of pupils play one or more musical instruments.

The German School London hosted the “Jugend musiziert” competition in 2005 and 2012. The hosting country changes every year amongst the German Schools abroad in North-East Europe.

There is also the special category for younger children: "Kinder musizieren".

As a venue for the competition, London with its rich musical culture demonstrates just how diverse music can be; from the countless number of musicals performed in the West End to the concerts in the world famous Royal Albert Hall, where international artists perform. This alone should offer enough inspiration and motivation for the young artists entering the “Jugend musiziert” competition.


Categories and instruments

This year’s competition comprises in the solo section: piano, harp, vocals, drums, and guitar. Additionally, there are the following categories for ensembles: strings, wind section, accordion chamber music, and new music. The instruments in the categories change each year.