Translation Competitions

Please note that due to the Pandemic and the fluid situation, not all of our pages and sections have been updated. For the latest and up-to-date-information please refer to the DSLWelcome section as communicated to our parents separately.

Translation Competition years 5 – 8

Dear pupils in years 5 – 8, dear parents,

Sadly, due to the current situation, we will have to postpone the visit by German children and youth literature author Kirsten Boie which was planned to take place from 18. to 19. May 2020.
Nevertheless we have decided to organize a translation competition based on texts by the renowned author.
Please find the translation texts on the right.
Further information on the competition:
Years 5 and 6: extract from “Ein Sommer in Sommerby”
Years 7 and 8: extract from “Alhambra”
Please submit your translations until Wednesday, 13. May 2020, via Email to the library (
Handwritten entries will not be accepted. Please type them using a neutral font (Comic Sans etc should be avoided) in font size 12.
Please make sure you make a note of your name and class and also mention the book the extract originates from as well as the author.
The winners will rewarded with vouchers from the local Children’s and Youth Bookshop “The Alligator’s Mouth”.
Good luck to all participants! We are looking forward to your translations!
Marén Copperwaite (Jury), Anke Burdett (German Department), Silke Müller (Library)

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