Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh ́s Award is for students from Year 9 (Bronze), and 10 (Silver), and offers young people the chance to experience challenges and adventures whilst participating in social/ community services gaining new skills and life experience.


c. £250 for Bronze: 

  • enrolment fee £32 (Achieving for Children Kingston& Richmond),
  • 2-day-Training course c. £20,
  • 2 expeditions 2 days each for a total of c. £ 120,
  • DSL costs £80 (admin, online support, staff, facilities) 

and c. £450 for Silver:

  • enrolment fee £32 (Achieving for Children Kingston& Richmond),
  • 2-day-Training course c. £20 (n. a. for participants who have done Bronze),
  • 2 expeditions 3 days each for a total of c. £ 340,
  • DSL costs £80 (admin, online support, staff, facilities).

The costs for the silver expeditions are higher because they are 2x1 day longer and conducted by an external provider. 

Thanks to the great support of the FRIENDS, tents, compasses, maps, cookers and gas are provided by the school. It might also be possible to borrow rucksacks.

Costs for expeditions only occur when taking part. Reimbursement of the enrolment fee and DSL costs are not possible. It is, however, possible to do the expeditions, if missed, at a different time on open expeditions outside the DSL and complete the programme until the age of 25. 

Payment: You will receive information how to pay during the course of the year, most likely by invoice. 


In September there is an introduction of the DofE Programme for all students of year 9&10 after which they will receive an enrolment form by email. The date for this meeting will be announced in the course of September.

Kind regards

Benjamin Maeurer


More information on the award can be found in this document. The gallery shows our pupils during one of their expeditions.

Einverständniserklärung I PDF

Enrolment Form I PDF

The DofE Website has a very extensive catalog of FAQ'S, which you can find under this link here:


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