Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Please note that due to the Pandemic and the fluid situation, not all of our pages and sections have been updated. For the latest and up-to-date-information please refer to the DSLWelcome section as communicated to our parents separately.

The Duke of Edinburgh ́s Award is for students from Year 9 (Bronze), and 10 (Silver), and offers young people the chance to experience challenges and adventures whilst participating in social/ community services gaining new skills and life experience.


Dear participants, dear parents,

I hope you are keeping well and healthy in these difficult times. I would like to keep you informed about the DofE programme during the pandemic and plan ahead where possible. Here is some information from the DofE organisation:

“At this present time there are no further updates from The DofE Charity regarding programme changes or flexibilities in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

The DofE Head Office are currently looking into changes to the programme.  However, as DofE forms part of the larger International Award any changes will need to be agreed Internationally which may take some time.  At the earliest opportunity you will receive additional information on any changes that are possible.”

There are flexibilities within DofE that should allow participants to continue with some of their sectional activities at home. There are some updated activity ideas for participants to do at home here (click), and remember that participants can change their activity once in each section.  FAQs for participants can be found here (click)

Participants can split their ‘hour a week’ on a section into smaller bite sized chunks e.g. 4 x 15 minute or 2 x 30 minute activities.  Some students are already successfully using these flexibilities whilst at home. Where you can, please continue with your (original or new) programme activities.

For the moment, we are keeping the expedition dates but the expeditions might have to be postponed to next school year (autumn or spring).

Viele Grüße / Kind regards

Benjamin Maeurer

More information on the award can be found in this document. The gallery shows our pupils during one of their expeditions.

Einverständniserklärung I PDF

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The DofE Website has a very extensive catalog of FAQ'S, which you can find under this link here:


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