Event Calendar

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  1. This is the ics (iCalendar) link to subscribe to the dsl external calendar: http://bit.ly/2EZiM39
  2. This is the URL to view the dsl external calendar as a complete web site: http://calendar.dslondon.info
  3. Here is a guide to subscribing to a calendar for google calendar: http://bit.ly/2qKWoWa
  4. Here is a guide to subscribing to a calendar for iPhone: http://bit.ly/2vtY9fN http://bit.ly/2vtY9fN


Events of this week


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Mon, Sep 30
Vortrag Dr. Schreiber
Raum 103
Tue, Oct 1
Muellsammeln 4c
Sat, Oct 5
Sun, Oct 6
Mon, Oct 7
Nature Walk 1a
Tue, Oct 8
Thu, Oct 10
Fri, Oct 11
Italian Lessons
East wing
Sat, Oct 12
FoDH: Oktoberfest
Sun, Oct 13
Mon, Oct 14
Nature Walk 1b
Tue, Oct 15
Infoabend DFDS/IFD
Wed, Oct 16
Elternabend: "Inclusion at DSL"
Thu, Oct 17
Fri, Oct 18
Unterstufen-Assembly Kl. 5 - 7
Italian Lessons
East wing
Sat, Oct 19
Sun, Oct 20
Mon, Oct 21
Tue, Oct 22
Wed, Oct 23
Thu, Oct 24
Fri, Oct 25
Sat, Oct 26
Sun, Oct 27
Mon, Oct 28
Tue, Oct 29
Wed, Oct 30
Thu, Oct 31
Fri, Nov 1
Sat, Nov 2
Sun, Nov 3