Exchange Programme

Goals of our Exchanges

  • To establish contacts and promote cultural exchanges with schools in the neighbouring community.
  • To promote a positive image of contemporary Germany and to encourage an interest in German language and culture
  • To motivate and support pupils from partner schools in their studies of German.
  • To introduce our pupils and teachers to other educational systems and philosophies through visits to partner schools.
  • To express our school’s good will toward and membership in the network of international schools in the London area

Schools involved in our exchanges have included: Brighton College, Gordon’s School, Grey Court School, Greycoat Hospital School, Godolphin and Latymer School, Westminster School, Guildford High School, Halliford School, Harrow School, the Japanese School, Kingston Grammar School, Pimlico Academy, St Benedict’s School, St Catherine’s School, St Marylebone School, Tiffin Boys' School, the Ursuline School, Emmanuel School and the Waldegrave School.

Types of Exchanges

School Exchange Visits: Pupils and teachers from our partner schools visit the Deutsche Schule London, attending classes and engaging in special projects with our students, and then their DSL partners are invited to do the same at their school. (The result of one such exchange project with Tiffin Boys’ School in Kingston was a film on national stereotypes, “The Queen und ich”.)

Family Exchange Visits: Pupils in Years 6 through 8 meet exchange partners at their school on a Friday afternoon and then spend Friday evening and Saturday with their partner’s family. Then a month later the partners reciprocate at their school and homes. This enables pupils who are studying German at local schools to be immersed in the language for a weekend and similarly enables our pupils to be immersed in English and British family life. Schools who have participated in this exchange are Tiffin Boys’ School, St Catherine’s School and The Waldegrave School for Girls.

Russell School Programme: Students from our Years 10 go to the neighbouring Russell School on Friday afternoons throughout the year to teach German language and culture to small groups of pupils in Year 5.

German Fair at Tiffin Boys’ School: Students from our Year 10 go to Tiffin Boys’ School to jointly create and run with their 6th Form an interactive German Fair for Year 7 boys in their first year of German. Tiffin and DSL students first work together at their school and ours to create varied stands for the fair. Each involves an activity or game that gets the boys to use specific German words and phrases. In the past, for example, there have been stands focusing on food, music, sports, clothes, geography, animals and holidays. 

Community Environmental Project: A new annual project bringing together students from Grey Court School and the DSL to work on gardening and conservation projects in Ham was successfully initiated in March 2019.  Pupils jointly work to promote biodiversity and to beautify the local area.