ISSA Tournaments

ISSA - the German School London has been a member for over 25 years

The American International Schools Tournament (AIST) was founded in September 1983. The aim was to provide tournaments for schools which were not affiliated with a school sports organisation. More and more international schools qualified as members of the organisation, so the name of the organisation was changed in 1986 to International Schools Sports Association (ISSA). Although the DSL was not a founder member of ISSA, it has now been a member for over 25 years.

Since then the DSL has participated in soccer, basketball and volleyball tournaments with a girls’ and a boys’ team. The minimum age is 14, so generally pupils train in the school teams from Year 9 onwards. All members are required to organise tournaments regularly, providing appropriate sports venues, whereby all members share the organisational and financial responsibility.

Two of the organisation’s fundamental ideals are cultural exchange (staying with a host family) and maintaining sportsmanship and fairness.

There are many tasks to accomplish, not only during the tournaments, but also in preparation: putting together school teams, organising friendly matches, planning travel, organising host families, booking referees, instructing scoreboard teams, hiring sports venues, organising catering, supplying cups, writing the programme... and not forgetting the most important thing: having fun and winning!

As articles in Abitur magazines testify, for many pupils participating in an ISSA tournament, the cultural exchange and the bond with the rest of the team provide some of the highlights of their time at DSL.