DSL Legenden

DSL Legenden

DSL Legenden   

Es ist faszinierend, Nominierungen für die DSL Legenden zu lesen. Die unterschiedlichsten Charaktere haben im Laufe der letzten 50 Jahre auf ihre Art Eindruck in der Schulgemeinschaft  hinterlassen.  Hier ein Beispiel - alle, die schon etwas länger an der Schule sind, wissen bestimmt sofort, wer gemeint ist! 

Schicken Sie Ihre Nominierung bis zum Ende des Schuljahres an: 50yearsDSL@dslondon.org.uk


DSL Legends

Reading the nominations for our DSL Legends is fascinating. A wide array of different characters made impact to our school in their own way. Here is one example: those of you you have been here for a bit longer will immediately know who this is about. 

Please send your nominations to 50yearsDSL@dslondon.org.uk


"I think most colleagues and students would have described him as "grumpy old man" after their first encounter. It was not until you worked with him longer that you could see how much his heart burned for the school (and by that, I mean staff, students, as well as buildings and grounds)."

"In his quiet way he kept everything in view, knew everything, took care of many things himself."

"With a simple "oi oi" he was, with surprising accuracy, able to get students to pick up their trash again and put it in the bin with surprising accuracy."

"Generations of students have learned from him that with courtesy and respect, you can accomplish a lot in life that seemed hardly attainable."

"He has taken under his wing each year the volunteers, who have been able to take away both manual skills and an English not found in any textbook."