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Author Event and Translation Competition with Alissa Walser on 13.03.2018


We warmly invited the DSL Community to our yearly author event with translation competition. German artist and author Alissa Walser read for us on Thursday, 13.03.2018.

Her catalogue, which comprises of plays, prose and poetry, has earned her several literature awards. She is a member of PEN Germany. Additionally to her work as an artist and an author she is also a sought after translator. Her German adaption of poems by Sylvia Plath has earned her the Paul-Scheerbart-Prize. Alissa Walser is currently Writer-in-residence at the Centre for Anglo-German Cultural Relations at Queen Mary University London, supported by the Deutsche Literaturfonds in Darmstadt.

We are pleased that, fittingly to our translation competition, our pupils had the opportunity to discuss the art and the obstacles of transferring literature into another language with an established expert.


Alissa Walser 2018

Authors, writers, poets - our visitors at DSL

Some of the greatest names in German literature have honoured our school with a visit, as the guest list shows.

Alissa Walser (2018)
Finn-Ole Heinrich (2017)
Peter Schneider (2016)
Ilija Trojanow (2015)
Birgit Vanderbeke (2014)
Felicitas Hoppe (2013)
Peter Stamm (2012)
Matthias Politycki (2010)
Erich Hackl (2009)
Franz Hohler(2009)
Urs Widmer (2007)
Gerhard Polt (2006)
Ulla Hahn (2005)
Hans Joachim Schädlich (2004)
Ulrike Draesner (2003)
Uwe Timm (2002)
Thomas Brussig (2001)
Barbara Frischmuth (2000)
Adolf Muschg (1999)
Monika Maron (1997)
Wolf Biermann (1996)
Günter Grass (1996)
Sten Nadolny (1994)
Hans Magnus Enzensberger (1993)
Peter Bichsel (1992)
Christa Wolf (1991)
Christoph Hein (1990)
Max von der Grün (1990)
Peter Härtling (1989)
Günter Kunert (1987)
Gabriele Wohmann (1986)
Walter Kempowski, (1986)
Friedrich Dürrenmatt (1985)
Uwe Johnson (1984)
Martin Walser (1984)
Hans Werner Richter (1983)
Ilse Aichinger (1983)
Wolfdietrich Schnurre (1983)

Gallery of Visiting Authors

Judith Kerr, Axel Scheffler & Tilman Spreckelsen Event

Finn-Ole Heinrich 2017