Great River Race


Established in 1988, the Great River Race has become an iconic event with participants from all over the world.



Great River Race on the 14th of September 2019:

Great River Race on the 08th of September 2018:

Great River Race on the 9th of September 2017:

A student reports:

About half a year before 3 September 2016, the day of the  GRR the Rowing Club started their Sunday training. However, soon things looked bad for both the “Berlin” and the “Friends of Douglas House” - we had no coxswains (Mr Kadan had returned to Austria during summer, Mr Mäurer fell ill). Luckily, Mr and Mrs Kräutle did not shy away from such a challenge. With 2 new coxswains we could now look forward to the race!

At 1:11 pm, the GRR started. 21.6 miles were waiting to be rowed, under 28 bridges, Tower Bridge among others. In our class we were 14 skerry boats. An hour into the race the “Berlin” set off to fight for a winning place. The “Friends” was in the first third of the main field at that time, overtaking quite a few skerry boats. The bridges were filled with chanting viewers which was quite a boost for us to row with even more speed. On Kew Bridge our DSL teachers were amongst the crowd cheering for us!

The “Berlin” crossed the finish line after 2 hours and 57 minutes - accompanied by thundering applause - to become second. A great result given our situation before the race. A few minutes later the “Friends” was greeted in the deserved loud and cheerful manner. With 3 hours and 2 minutes they gained a fantastic fifth place. Reminder: it was the first race ever for this crew and Mrs Kräutle’s third time as coxswain. 

An unforgettable race for both crews!

Kathi Kirschke, 12b  



Great River Race on the 3rd of September 2016:

Great River Race on the 16th of September 2015: