Cafeteria & Materialverkauf

What does the school offer for lunch and how is it paid?

Our Cafeteria is run by Brookwood and you can find the weekly menu on our school website. Lunch is served at 1:00pm
for Primary school children and at 1:40 for Secondary School children. Lunch costs £3.90 and it is paid directly at the
entrance by the children using our cashless biometric system.

How can my child use the cashless biometric system?

You have to authorise the school to take the child´s biometrics (link to slip form) and after your child is registered in the
system you only need to have a positive balance on your child´s Parent Pay account.

What is Parent Pay?

Our school is a cash free environment. We use a secure online service named Parent Pay to allow parents to pay for
school lunch, trips, clubs, Stationary, books and others.

How can I open a Parent Pay account?

You will get at school start a welcome letter with you activation codes to open your Parent Pay account and you can add
all children under the same Parent Account.

What can my child pay for by using the Cashless system?

Your child can pay for lunch at the cafeteria, for the Coffee Shop (only 11Y and 12Y), Stationary, school books, Day trips,
Theatre visits, etc. You can always see an itemised description within your Parent Pay account.

Is it possible that my child was charged twice for lunch in the same day?

Yes, it can happen but only when your account has been overdrawn during the previous days, or the cashless system did
not recognise your child´s biometrics on a certain day and therefore a manual input occurs the next working day.