Is my child covered by school insurance during the journey to and from school?

No, in the UK students and workers are not covered by School insurance on the way to and from school.

Are school trips covered by school insurance?

Day trips and journeys to and from school trips are covered. Longer trips, including any with overnight stays would be
covered either by the school´s insurance or by specialist insurance.

Is theft of bicycles covered under school insurance?

Cars and bicycles are left on school grounds at the owner´s risk. We advise bicycle owners to purchase strong locks. The Met Police has advice on their website.

Are private medical bills covered under school insurance?

The UK´s National Health Service is free at the point of contact for most residents, including all EU citizens. Standard UK
insurance policies will only cover private medical bills by exception.

Are volunteers covered under school insurance?

Volunteers are covered for the duration of the school activity.

Please note that in addition to the School’s Insurance FAQ, our insurance company has provided updated details of the Personal Accident Insurance cover provided to your children as pupils of the German School London. For details of the cover and how in formation is protected by GDPR, please follow the links below:

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