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Our Senior Leadership Team

The school management team is made up of the heads of the three educational areas (nursery, primary and secondary school) and our managing director. Read their short statements on the DSL. 

"The DSL is not only a place of learning, but above all an extremely lively place our pupils, their teachers and the non-teaching staff share."

Oliver Schmitz, Schulleiter

"Regular exchanges with students are an inspiration to view the DSL from their perspective and shape it in their interests." 

Matthias Krauss, Commercial Director

"The warm-hearted school community, the solidarity, the festivals and our friendly pupils make the time at DSL a very special experience." 

Claudia Wolff-Lieser, stellvertretende Schulleiterin

"Primary school is the stepping stone between the nursery and secondary school. This is an important phase in the educational journey of our pupils. We place particular emphasis on the further development of independence and personal responsibility." 

Sonja Klotz, Grundschulleiterin

"The Kinderhaus is home to an international, diverse group of children, a place where each child is accepted and celebrated in their individuality." 

Marie Rocha, Kinderhaus Leiterin

Agenda 2030

The members of the board, the headteacher and the commercial director have summarized the DSL's aims and how we plan to achieve them in our Agenda 2030. This analyzed the development of the school over the last few years and took into account suggestions and feedback from various stakeholders, such as the results of the parent surveys. The paper shows what we are already doing, sets out our ambitions for the coming years and shows how we will implement them.